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Chanyeol`s Unexpected Choice of Bedsheets will Give Your `Soft` Button a Hard Punch



Chanyeol has a set of Disney animation themed bedsheets.

Chanyeol did an Instagram live on February 9th, greeting fans just for a short while before heading to bed himself. The EXO member was on his bed by then fans were able to spot a very familiar looking character just behind him, on his pillow. 

Image Source: Youtube '최애돌합시다아아 청춘' Screenshot 

With the animation receiving love worldwide, it's not difficult to identify that it's in fact, a 'Zootopia,' character Nick pillow case. A few searches and it could be assumed that Chanyeol is having a set of 'Zootopia' bedsheets that looks like this. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Watch the Instagram live and spot the Nick pillow case at the 1:40 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 최애돌합시다아아 청춘

Thumbnail Credit: 기회주의자

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