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Chanyeol Crouched Down In Front of Baekhyun and did This Sweet Gesture That Will Stir Your Hearts



Chanyeol went right after Baekhyun without any words said. 

The boys held a successfully run of their concert in Taiwan during the past weekend in Taipei. With no exceptions, the boys were as excited and cheery as they always do, happy to see their Taiwan fans after a while. Of course, Taiwan EXOLs would have been overwhelmed with fills to be seeing them again, a gesture from Chanyeol to Baekhyun made the night so much sweeter. 

Right after their ‘Lucky One’ stage, Chanyeol could be seen following closely behind Baekhyun to the side of the stage where the members would retrieve their light stick for the following stage. The moment Baekhyun stopped walking, Chanyeol could be seen crouching down suddenly, only to be seen tying Baekhyun’s shoelaces that the taller has probably noticed, came off during their previous stage.

Image Source: Twitter 'Viola.Leeeee'

Image Source: Twitter 'CorrineDaily' 

Baekhyun looked pleased with the tying too. 

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] ChenHee _0710, oohsehun

Thumbnail Credit: chanyeolit, viola.leeeee

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