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Block B`s Zico Lost Words as His Fellow Members Talked about Ex-Girlfriend AOA`s Seolhyun



Zico cannot help but to feel awkward as his fellow Block B members talked about AOA's Seolhyun. 

As you know, Zico and Seolhyun were once in relationship, before decided to part ways and focus on their careers. Needless to say, talking about ex is something not easy, and it seems like group's leader feels nothing different. 

On the recent episode of Dingo Music's 'Comeback Table,' Block B came as guests. During their chit chat, Jaehyo suddenly talked about recent film they have watched. He "successfully" made Zico in awkwardness when he mentioned 'Memoir of a Murderer,' which features AOA's Seolhyun as one of the characters in the film. Jaehyo innocently said, "I think Zico will like the film." Trying to be calm, Zico replied, "I saw it, I saw the film." 

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screenshot

On the other hand, P.O desperately tried to stop Jaehyo talking about 'Memoir of a Murderer.' Although Jaehyo had finally stopped talking about the movie, it was all too late, and Zico could only awkwardly laughed to himself.

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screenshot

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Source: [Youtube] M2


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