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BTS` Taehyung Revealed He has Never Been in a Relationship More Than 20 Days



Taehyung confessed that he has never been in a serious relationship. 

On a radio broadcast, the boys were asked whether or not they have someone in their heart. To the question,  RM answered the first, "It's only a speculation if we have someone in our heart." Suga then being cliche with his answer, "For us, it's our fans (who are in our heart)." 

Not satisfied with the answer, the radio DJ asked them once again, "That's not what I meant, but you guys always cover up yourself when talking about relationship. Why? Does your company not allow you to do so?" JHope then being honest, saying, "I think it's because we really don't have any experience." 

Later in the talk, Taehyung then confessed, "I have never been in a serious relationship." When they talked about it in detail, it turned out that Taehyung has never been in relationship for more than 20 days. Taehyung explained, "Actually, I cannot refuse the confession that was made for me, I think that's the reason why I have never been in relationship for more than 20 days."

You can listen to the full conversation in the video above.

Source: [Youtube] 라짤


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