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BTS` Jin Could not Attend Class Due to His Schedule, Here`s What He Texted to the Professor



It's definitely not an easy thing to be a university student while working. And BTS' Jin did feel the same. 

At that time, Jin could not attend the class due to 'Mnet's Asia Music Awards' he has to attend in Hong Kong. Since it was impossible for him not to join the other members at the awards ceremony, he had no other choice but to be absent from the class. Although he could have just been absent without any word, he chose to explain the situation to this professor. 

Image Source: Instiz

He sent a message to the professor, which reads, 

"Hello, professor!

I am Jin from BTS

Currently, I am in Hong Kong to attend Mnet's 'MAMA' and I was unable to attend the class yesterday ㅠㅠ I am sorry"

It seems like Jin was a good student, after all.

Source: [Youtube] getsuyoubi335

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