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BTOB`s Yook Sungjae Talked about His Worries of Being a Singer and Teared up on [Master in the House]



BTOB's Yook Sungjae shared his biggest fears as a singer and got emotional in the latest episode of SBS' 'Master in the House.'

During the January 14th episode of the variety show, Yook Sungjae, Lee Seunggi, Yang Sehyung, and Lee Sangyoon met veteran singer Jeon Inkwon and discussed how they all get nervous before a performance. 

To Jeon Inkwon, Yook Sungjae opened up, "It's been around seven years since my debut and I've gone through a lot of changes throughout that time. Sometimes, I worry whether people who liked my voice seven years, or one or two years ago, will still like me now and keep liking me in the future."

The veteran singer then left comforting words to the idol, saying, "Everything has its own time. You'll get tired if you try to keep everything at once. As long as you're just doing what you need to do, your time will come. It's also better not to focus too much on people's expectations, just focus on your own."

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot

Later in the show, the singer performed 'Please,' which brought Yook Sungjae and Lee Sangyoon into tears. The performance was simple yet heartbreaking with Jeon Inkwon delicate vocals and saddening lyrics. You can watch the performance above.

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment

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