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BIGBANG`s GDragon is Currently Addicted to This One Accessories... The Price Might Make Your Eyes Pop out



GDragon is a big collector of brooch.

It's not a secret anymore that GDragon is definitely one influential figure in the fashion world. Many times, the idol has brought fresh trends, which no one else has ever thought before. One of the hot fashion trends he has made is no other that brooch. Usually, men don't use brooch as much as women; However, GDragon has proven that men with brooches can be just as attractive as women. 

What surprise fans is the real price of the singer's brooches. Most of them he got from luxurious fashion brand Chanel. According to the brand's official website, one brooch can be purchased starting from KRW 600 thousand (approximately USD570) to KRW 1.3 million (approximately USD 1,155).

You can check out GDragon's collection below! 

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈 - New' 

Source: [Youtube] CHANEL

Thumbnail Credit: NumberG

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