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B1A4 Members Updated Fans about Jinyoung`s Health Condition

B1A4 Members Updated Fans about Jinyoung`s Health Condition


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B1A4 told fans about Jinyoung's current condition.

On September 28th, it was reported that Jinyoung transported to hospital due to his high fever and headache. Soon after, the other members of B1A4 reassure fans that Jinyoung is recovering during their live broadcast on 'V LIVE.'

Gongchan said, "A lot of people are asking how Jinyoung is doing. He has gotten much better. However, he's not here because he's currently resting so that he can have a quick recovery. Please send him lots of support." The other members also told fans that Jinyoung has gotten much better as he got his treatment at the hospital.

Meanwhile, WM Entertainment is still discussing about Jinyoung's schedules with the other members. He is currently taking a bed rest and the 4 members continue their promotion without Jinyoung. We wish a quick recovery for Jinyoung!

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Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이) 

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