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B1A4 Members Revealed Their Abs, CNU and Sandeul Definitely Broke the Idols` Stereotype



Abs is one of many things that can make fans get excited -- and that's why B1A4 members decided to reveal what they got. 

During a fan meeting earlier this year, the five member came up on the stage to reveal their abs. While Jinyoung, Gongchan, and Baro got in the game, things went different for CNU and Sandeul. Once CNU lift up his t-shirt, he realized that nothing's there and fans jokingly teased him, "There is nothing there." The member then quickly hid his abs while smiling in embarrassment. 

Image Source: Youtube '아이러브산들 ILOVESANDEUL' Screenshot

Nothing much different with Sandeul, he also realized that he got nothing to show, especially compared to the three muscular members. With his wit, he took a chocolate bar and put it on his belly, in hope to show the "chocolate abs." Needless to say, fans and the other members were burst out laughing at his humor sense. 

Image Source: Youtube '아이러브산들 ILOVESANDEUL' Screenshot

Find out more in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 아이러브산들 ILOVESANDEUL

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