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Ahn Jaehyun Cooks Meal for Variety Show... He Ended Got Praised by Pro Celeb Chef Baek Jongwon



Ahn Jaehyun has proven how good he is in cooking. 

In various TV programs, the actor frequently shows how he is good in cooking. However, somehow, viewers did not believe that he is good to that extent, until top celebrity chef Baek Jongwon, approved his cooking skills. 

On an episode of 'Kang's Kitchen,' Baek Jongwon personally gave the members lesson to serve donkatsu (fried pork) and omurice (fried rice coated with egg) at their restaurant. After completing the lesson, Baek Jongwon certified them with an acknowledgement, stating that the menus have been personally approved by him. 

Several days later, Baek Jongwon came back to the restaurant to "investigate" whether or not they were doing okay. He ordered each of the menus and tasted them. With a mysterious facial expression, he said, "Well, I will said honestly to you guys and I will be honest."

Image Source: tvN

Fortunately, both of menus got praises from the chef. For Ahn Jaehyun's menu, omurice, Baek Jongwon even said, "I think he has learnt so much and he made it better than me. The egg is so soft and everything is just delicious."

Image Source: tvN

'Kang's Kitchen' is a spin-off of the variety show 'New Journey to the West 4,' a grant and it airs every Tuesdays at 10.50 P.M on tvN.

You can watch the video above to see Ahn Jaehyun's talent in cooking. 

Source: [Youtube]  


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