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Actor Lee Wongeun Shares Honest Thoughts about Acting on a Gay-Themed Film [In Between Seasons]



Actor Lee Wongeun talked more about his first ever gay-themed film. 

On February 13th, Lee Wongeun sat down for an interview with Sports Chosun, in light of his upcoming movie, 'In Between Seasons.' During the interview, Lee Wongeun started with how he first decided to take the offer to be a cast in the film.

He explained, "I always remember 'In Between Seasons' and it is a precious project. Even if someone told me to forget it, it won't be easy to forget the film. I was in the car to my school when I first received the script. Because the script is so fun, I read it all and I was even late for school." He continued, "I personally like the story about how people live. I was so happy that I was offered for the film. I was attracted to the role."

When asked whether he feels uncomfortable to play in the gay-themed film, Lee Wogeun said, "I didn't know that 'In Between Seasons' is a gay-themed film before I read the script. I only knew it after I read it. However, there's nothing changed because of that." He added, "I just thought much about how I can make it real. The producer said to me to act just like the other couples. I didn't find any problem. I contemplated a lot on how to make the relation more affectionate not only by doing much skinship."

Meanwhile, you can watch the film trailer above while waiting for the premiere on February 22nd. 

Source: [Youtube] 서울신문 TheSeoulShinmun

Thumbnail Credit: Lovely Geun

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