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Actor Lee Junki`s New Photos Proves How Small His Face Really is



Lee Junki indeed has a small face. 

On December 9th, the actor took to his Instagram an upload a series of photos of himself spending times in Japan. Along with his perfect visual, fans are all excited as they read the caption, "Hello it's been a while, right? Sorry sorry. Miss U so much See ya very x 2 soooon." Many believe that the actor will be featured in either a drama or movie sometime soon. 

The post also shows how small his face in real life -- small face is one of Koreans' parameter to determine whether one is good-looking or not. Although all the photos were lightly taken without any much preparation, Lee Junki glows with his face. Among all, the forth photo in the post has garnered so much attention for how small Lee Junki's face really is. In the photo, Lee Junki put his hands on his face, and comparing to a man's average hand size, you can know how small the actor's face is. 

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Source: [Youtube] joonsachi & [Instagram] actor_jg

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