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ASTRO`s Rocky Defended MJ when the Topic on Age Came on on a Past Broadcast



The cons of being the oldest in the group. 

In a past V live broadcast, the boys minus Eunwoo who couldn't join them, gathered around to greet their fans for the new year while enjoying a cake. Among the comments sent in during the broadcast, Moonbin read out one that says, "MJ is half fifty right now!" 

Jinijn wanted elaborate on it and started off saying, "When we were at the broadcasting station and they were 94s(idols born in 1994)..." Before Jinjin could continue, Rocky went, "Stop doing that! He getting hurt right now...!" 

Image Source: V LIVE 'ASTRO' Screenshot

Rocky was all ready to defend their poor leader. Watch the moment at the 5:57 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] ASTRO


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