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ASTRO`s Jinjin`s Outburst Towards His Members Made It Even More Hilarious It Already was to Them



Jinjin's outburst was meant to be scary but... 

The boys did a V live broadcast to wish Auroras an early 'Merry Christmas.' Each of them had a 1 to 1 time with their greetings and things went out of hand went it came to Jinjin's turn in front of the camera. MJ, Moonbin, Sanha and Eunwoo were in their world, doing every single thing there was to distract Jinjin. 

Jinjin tried to calm the situation down by getting them to tone down regardless of what they were doing.The members tried more things to distract him and succeeded in the end when Jinjin shouted, "Yah! Let me talk!!" 

Image Source: v LIVE 'ASTRO' Screenshot

Look at the happy faces of the remaining members. Watch the moment at the 13:28 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] ASTRO


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