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5 Block B Park Kyung`s Songs to Listen to Before His Comeback

5 Block B Park Kyung`s Songs to Listen to Before His Comeback


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Park Kyung 'INSTANT' will be released tomorrow, and we cannot wait!

We do believe in always getting ready for a comeback, and what is the best way you ask to do so? By listening to their prior songs and get even more hyped up than what we already are. 'INSTANT' will be released on June 22nd, and it is said to be a punk alternative style. This took many fans by surprise considering his last releases, but we have faith in him and we know he will rock his new song. 

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1. Inferiority Complex

This song is one of the cutest songs out there, Park Kyun's voice mixed with Eunha's is like listening to angels meeting. This song is just the right amount of bubbliness and rapping. The way Eunha hits the notes while singing the chorus will have you wondering, what is life? and Park Kyung's rapping will leave you wishing you could rap too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot

2. Ordinary Love

This song screams K-Chill from the moments starts. Everything in this song is the perfect kind of song as you do some homework, or you read. Honestly, you can do anything while listening to this song, it is that powerful. Park Boram's voice is just the right high note that works wonders with Park Kyung's deeper rap tone. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot

3. When I'm with You

You know how there are those songs you wish it was raining, and you had a hot cup of tea in your hand for? Well, be ready because this is exactly what this song is. It has saxophones, trumpets, and snapping in the back of the main song. If you have never heard this song before let me spoil something for you, it is one of the best songs out there. Brother Su really knows what this song needs when it comes to vocals. Brother Su and Park Kyung found a way to make their vocals be harmonical and magical when combined. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot

4. Wiped

The video on this song will leave you a little confused, but trust us this song is not one to be missed. The aesthetics from the video mix perfectly with the song. If you are one of the people who enjoy the balance between a music video, the song, and the back sounds, look no further. This song is a sweet story of love, and how you can feel empty when you are not with them. The moments we share with our loved ones can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

5. Memories

This song will pull the strings of your heart. This is the best reminiscing song. It is slow and beautiful. It has exactly the right melody for when your heart is hurting. The song talks about how he is sorry that their relationship ended, and how all that he has remaining are the memories. The song is truly a masterpiece. Enjoy the mix of both the vocals as they blend together, they are not fighting for dominance. They rather combine to create a harmony that might even make you cry.

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이), Stone Music Entertainment, seven seasons

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